Case study 7: Hired actress as a respondent

Famous "traveler" Maria Tsipko periodically gives interviews to different media outlets with various names.

Video dated May 11, 2014, which was uploaded on Youtube by Vladimir Egorov, depicts the referendum which was held in Moscow. Referendum concerned the issue of separation of Donetsk and Luhansk regions from Ukraine. Maria Tsipko presented herself as an organizer of the referendum. According to her, she lives in Lugansk and traveled to Moscow in order to organize the referendum.
While searching for the information about Tsipko, it was revealed that different media outlets have already exposed her as a misinformer employed by Kremlin.

Additional search also allows us to find other videos with Tsipko's participation. Below she presents herself as deputy director of "The Fund of New Martyrs and Confessors of Christ”.
It's noteworthy that in this case, she has changed her name and talks to the journalist in the name of Maria Vikina. The TV report tells the story about the exhibition organized by the foundation, which reflects the life and work of believers in Russia.