Exercise 2: Verification of video via InVID

On May 29, 2018, a ultra-nationalist Facebook page Iberian Union published a video, titled “#occupation”, showing a Muslim rally and accompanied with a xenophobic caption. Iberian Union labels the Muslim rally in London a “weaponless occupation” and calls for Georgian users of the page to resort to radical actions against foreigners. The video has 15 thousand views and 270 shares, and it was followed by xenophobic and hate speech comments from social network users. 

Copy a video link into InVID video analysis section. The program will provide information about video description, upload time, video ratings and its uploader. The description section below shows the caption added to the video uploaded by Iberiuli Ertoba. The page section shows that the page has 66 395 likes (as of August 20), whereas the “About us” section involves the text “Glory to Georgia! Glory to Heroes! Glory to the Georgian Nation!” 

Following this information InVID offers a video footage, which can be verified in image search engines. The program itself offers to verify the footage in Google, Yandex and Tineye search engines.

When you move a mouse cursor over the image, the program will open an “Image Magnifier” window, which enlarges different parts of the screen and you will view the image through an image magnifier glass. This function is especially useful for taking a closer look at the background details in an image. 

Actually, the video shows a rally held by Muslims against the terrorist organization “Islamic State” in London on October 1, 2017. Labelling the peaceful demonstration by Muslims against terrorists as “occupation” and “threat” is manipulative and aims to incite phobias in relation to Muslims among the readers.