EXERCISE 1.4. Sources and balance


Skills of critical analysis of information and sources.


30 min.


Individual work, group discussion.

Material needed

Printed out working forms, pens, whiteboard.


Task: Lots of information enter a media outlet every day; various sources provide numerous information to journalists. This requires form journalists to verify information with independent sources and seek additional facts.

Select a text for the participants of the workshop or use the example provided below, which cites only one source. Ask the participants to write into the table which party is presented in the story and what other source they would seek to have the story reliable.

Download Supporting material 1

Download working form 5

Questions for discussion: 

  • What source is missing in the material, which is important to find out what happened in reality?
  • What sources are important to provide positions of all parties in a balanced way?
  • How would you have changed the title of article if you had verified it with additional sources?