EXERCISE 1.2. Inverted pyramid

The aim of exercise is to help participants develop skills of structured news writing.

40 min (homework)


Individual work 

Material needed

Printed out working forms, pens


Task:  Give a homework to the participants of the workshop and ask them to fill out the printed forms. The participants must select a topic of the news story individually, according to Exercise 1.1. Remind them what the principle of inverted pyramid implies. Discuss the results at the following workshop, focusing on typical mistakes as well as emphasizing instances of best coverage.


Inverted pyramid:

  • Requires summing up of an article from a reporter in order to make the main point comprehensible;
  • Answers the question: what is the new story?
  • Is a useful method for reasoning and organizing;
  • Compels a reporter to summarize the main point of an article in one paragraph.

Inverted pyramid

Download working form 3