Case study 3. Sexting, Cyber-Stalking, Doxing

Sexting. A teenage girl sent her nude photo to her boyfriend. Later when they broke up, the boy shared her photo with his friends who posted sexual, inappropriate and mocking comments. Some of the girl’s classmates even made insulting comments. The girl locked herself in, parted with most of her friends, moved to another school and needed a therapist’s assistance for a long time.


Cyber-stalking. Several students smuggled alcohol beverage into the school and after drinking they damaged the school walls. One of the girls with no connection whatsoever to the incident was blamed for leaking the information to school administration. As soon as this information became known, a group of students systematically sent her angry, mocking and abusive messages, posted on her social media page and even threatened her. She closed her Instagram and Twitter accounts but bullying continued in the school.


Doxing. A teenage boy published a negative review about a game tactic on the game’s forum. He was confronted by another player and their debate turned into an online fight. Another boy collected information about his rival on the internet and published his name, e-mail address and social media pages on the forum. Consequently, the boy was receiving insulting messages from other players too. Some of them even contained threats of  paying a visit to his home and threats of physical violence.