Case study 2: Discrepancy between video and indicated time and location

On August 8, a Russian TV channel НТВ broadcasted an original documentary by a journalist Sergei Kholoshevsky – August 2008: Justice Enforcement. The same day, a video was published on the official Facebook page of the TV channel, the description of which mentioned that on August 8, Georgia attacked South Ossetia.
Director of a bakery in Tskhinvali, Vadim Tskhovrebov, said in the video that Georgian soldiers were entering houses in Tskhinvali and leaving hand grenades in basements. Afterwards, the video shows footage with Sophio Muradov, wounded during the bombings of residential buildings in Gori by the Russian Air Forces on August 9, 2008. HTB used the given footage to illustrate the attack on Tskhinvali by the Georgian side.

The destruction of residential buildings with the Russian bombs and the photo of wounded Sophio Muradov with the flaming buildings on the background became a point of interest of the international media the same day it happened. It became the symbol of the aggression carried out by Russia in Georgia. Both of Muradov’s legs were injured by the fragments of the Russian missile, due to which she had to go through 13 surgeries in 7 years. In total, the Russian bombings of residential buildings on August 9 killed 15 people.