Case study 1: Discrepancy between video and an event

On May 15, 2017, Georgian websites, and published
identical video which in its description holds allegations that Syrian children living in Turkey have their organs removed while they are still alive and that organ trafficking in Turkey is particularly widespread.

1. The video does not represent organ trade in Turkey, but the aftermath of the Russian bombing in Syria.
The video examination revealed that the video depicted not the child organ trade in Turkey but the victims and injured 3-old girl of Russia's airstrikes on the Syrian village Al-Qasabiya on December 11, 2015. The video was initially disseminated on December 11, 2015 by SMART News Agency in Arabic, under the headline "Russian airplanes are responsible for a massacre in the village of Al-Qasabiya in the south of Adlaby."

2. The people shown in the video are volunteers of the Al-Sham Humanitarian Fund

The video portrays a man taking a t-shirt off a child who has been affected by the attack with a scissor. The man is wearing a blue shirt with a specific logo displayed. After checking the logo in the Google search engine, it was established that it belongs to a humanitarian organization. The Al-Sham Humanitarian Foundation (Syrian humanitarian organization) offers a variety of humanitarian services to the Syrian population.

3. The girl appearing in the video is being put on the X-ray machine
The girl in the video, who is a victim of illegal organ trading by the claims of Marshallpress and other Georgian news agencies, is actually put on the digital panel of an X-ray machine for medical examination.