MDF’s Seminar at International Forum Media Literacy 360°

On December 12, 2018, Media Development Foundation (MDF) held a seminar “Scaling Media Literacy Programs” at an International Forum Media Literacy 360° hosted by Digital Communication Network in Bratislava.

MDF’s Executive Director Tamar Kintsurashvili and Director of Media Literacy Programs Sopho Gelava introduced to the participants of the seminar those 5 key principles that the organization’s media literacy programs are based on. MDF’s media literacy resources designed for educators and young adults were presented at the seminar, including a new database and two new games developed about fake news and hate speech. The games will be available in 4 languages - Georgian, English, Armenian and Azerbaijani.

Within the framework of the Forum MDF participated in media literacy exhibition, where the organization's educational resources were presented.

Journalists, educators, civil society activists and representatives of international organizations participated in the Bratislava Forum and exhibition. The aim of the event was to exchange media literacy initiatives and existing resources, also increasing the significance of media literacy in combating disinformation and fake news.

The event was organized by World Learning and Digital Communication Network.